Posted by: New in Every Way | April 20, 2012

I Know He Likes Me

I got this title from an amazing lesson series called “Experiencing Enjoyable Prayer” by Mike Bickle, director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Here are some tidbits: 

Every line of Psalm 16 is about David’s theology of experiencing enjoyable prayer. . . . Look at verse 11. [“In your presence is fullness of joy”] This was one of the secrets of David’s life, that he understood God’s emotions. He said, “You’re a God of gladness . . . do you know how strange of a doctrine that was in David’s day? It’s as strange today.

Beloved, God is angry at rebellion. I want to be very clear about that. He relates to immaturity very, very differently. In His presence, around His throne, is the happy God, with the happy angels and the happy people. I’m talking about the happiness of overflowing joy. . . .

Hebrews 1:9 in essence says this: “Jesus had more of His Father’s gladness than any man who ever walked on planet earth.”

Picture Jesus: this thirty-year-old Man comes into town. He has the brightness of His Father’scountenance. He understands human weakness; He likes us; He loves us. This is the God that David worshiped. . . .

The kids run up to Him: “Oh, we like Him!” He’s rubbing the kids’ heads.

You know the moms: “Don’t, He’s a famous preacher, you can’t go do that. Why did you do that?”

“Mom, I can tell He likes me, I can tell. He looked at me, He winked, I know He likes me!”

The kids look at the Pharisees and say, “Absolutely no way with those guys! No way!” You know why?Because when the kids looked at the Pharisee, to hug a Pharisee was as ridiculous as going to a prayer meeting with a mad God.

We preach a God that looks like a Pharisee and we tell people to go to a prayer meeting and endure the boring exercises of a boring, mad, God. Who wants to go sit in a prayer meeting and endure the disappointment of a mad God? It’s like asking a kid, “Would you like to go to the principal’s office?”

For more of Bickle’s lesson on prayer, click here and scroll down to “David’s Theology of Enjoyable Prayer” on p. 7. While you’re there, read what he says on p. 3 about the difference between rebellion and immaturity. [Note: if the pdf file doesn’t open when you click on it, right-click on it then click Open.]

Make It Personal

  • How do you feel when you approach God in prayer?
  • If your feelings are fairly negative (uncertainty, guilt), is it because God is angry with you—or because your religious instruction disagrees with the Bible’s revelation that God’s presence is a place of acceptance and joy?
  • Ask the Lord how he feels about you. What did he say?

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