Posted by: New in Every Way | May 4, 2012

Give It Your Best Shot

What are your chances of being a world-changer? Wait until you hear what my pastor, Eric Hansen, had to say recently about this.

He pointed out that Jesus’ disciples, shortly after they came back from their first preaching and healing tour, behaved in ways that showed great immaturity. They argued about who was the greatest among them. They tried to keep a man from driving out demons in Jesus’ name, because he wasn’t part of their group. They wanted to call fire out of heaven to consume a town that didn’t welcome Jesus.

Each time, Jesus corrected their thinking, but he didn’t fire them. Amazingly, he sent out seventy-two more followers for another round of teaching and healing. And these disciples had not had nearly the amount of face time with Jesus as the Twelve. How spiritually mature do you suppose they were?

Here’s Pastor Eric’s conclusion: the Lord would rather have people who are 80% mature out doing things for him than folks who are 100% mature doing nothing.

Jesus’ disciples gave it their best shot—and he apparently loved it.

Make It Personal

  • Do you hesitate to share what you know about the Lord’s goodness—because you might mess it up?
  • After thousands of years of letting humans partner with him, don’t you suppose the Lord is an expert in damage control?
  • Will he be ecstatic if you say or do one small thing in his name? Might you be surprised how much it blesses the other person?

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