Posted by: New in Every Way | June 11, 2012

Does He Even Know I Exist?

Do you wonder sometimes whether God even knows you exist? Jacob, grandson of the Israelite patriarch Abraham, may have felt that way during the twenty years he worked for his Uncle Laban. During that time, his uncle changed his wages ten times, trying to avoid paying him. But here’s what I noticed about God and Jacob:

After twenty years, the Lord spoke to Jacob, telling him it was time to return to his home. Jacob gathered his large family, servants, and herds and left without telling his uncle. When his uncle caught up to him, the Lord warned Laban in a dream not to cause Jacob any trouble. After Laban said his good-byes and departed, the Lord sent angels to Jacob. Then, at the end of the journey, on the eve of meeting his brother Esau (who had threatened twenty years before to kill him), Jacob prayed fervently and the Lord appeared to him in the form of a man.

My point is this: God had spoken to Jacob as he was fleeing from his home to go to his Uncle Laban. Then . . . a twenty-year silence. But God had not forgotten Jacob. In fact, he appeared to him three times during the stressful time of escaping from Laban and then re-uniting with his brother.

Well, yeah—you might think—that was Jacob. He was a key player in the founding of the Jewish nation, so God gave him special attention.

How about this: the Lord showed personal concern for Jacob’s wives. Yes, they were important because they (and two concubines) gave birth the the twelve sons who were the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel. But God saw to it that Leah had four sons before Rachel had any. Then he “remembered” Rachel, and she had a son. Here’s why:

When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless. . . . Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive (Genesis 29:31; 30:22 NIV). 

Making It Personal

To what kind of people does God pay attention?

  1.  “Important” people or ordinary people?
  2. Honest, hard-working folks or folks who have gotten themselves in trouble?
  3. Plain, unloved people or beautiful, beloved people?
  4. All of the above?

Does God know what is happening to you and me—all the time?

Will he “show up” at all the right times?

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  2. […] of the amazing things about the story of Jacob (Does He Even Know I Exist?) is that God pointed him in the right direction and gave him heart for the journey . . . with a […]

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