Posted by: New in Every Way | June 20, 2012

On-the-Job Training When You Don’t Have a Job

Okay, so I’m not really talking about a job. I’m talking about your life. Do you feel you don’t really have a life, yet . . .  that there’s a lot more to life than this . . . that you can see a whole lot more in your future, but there is no way to get there from here? Not yet, at least.  What are you doing with the life you do have right now? Biblical characters Joseph and David had an awesome take on that.


After dreaming about his great destiny, Joseph was dumped into a pit, sold to merchants bound for Egypt, employed as slave of a government official, and thrown into prison. Each time, he—figuratively— landed on his feet. He was so capable and trustworthy that his master, Potipher, soon put all his business in Joseph’s hands. In prison, likewise, he was placed in charge of all the other prisoners.


As a youth, David was secretly anointed by the prophet Samuel to be the next king of Israel. It was not long before he became famous as a giant-killer and military leader. However, mentally-unbalanced King Saul’s jealousy caused David to spend many months as a fugitive. About four hundred distressed, debt-ridden, and discontented men—with family members—joined him. Motivated by David’s courage, integrity, faith, and friendship, this crew became a disciplined, well-trained, and loyal unit.

What if Joseph had sullenly done only what was necessary for Potipher and for his warden? He would not have honed the administrative skills needed for his destined position.

What if David had spent his time in the wilderness sulking and waiting? He would not have developed faith, godly character, leadership skills, and the solid core of followers who were to make up his future government.


Making It Personal

  • Is the path to your dream blocked? Behave like a person of destiny, anyway. When you get to where you want to go, you’ll already be trained.
  • Could your current situations be stepping-stones to your destiny?

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