Posted by: New in Every Way | June 27, 2012

It Just Looks Impossible

When was the last time you were discouraged by a seemingly impossible situation? Today? Let me share an encouraging thought prompted by my trip to Israel. (I just returned Sunday.)

My thought is related to the amazing agricultural success of Israeli kibbutzes (collective farms). Looking at the rocky, hilly terrain, I don’t know that agriculture would have entered my mind. Grazing, mining, rock quarries, yes—but not farming.

It did enter the minds of Israelis to coax crops out of the land. And they truly put their minds—as well as their backs and hands—to the task of arid-land farming.  For example, they shelter banana trees under mesh canopies, and cover the fruit itself with plastic bags. They deliver water to individual plants with a network of pipes, rather than sprinkling an entire field.

So on one side of the highway, a shepherd wanders down a rocky slope with a flock of goats. (What do they eat? I wondered. Maybe there’s grass on a different hill?)

On the other side of the road stretched picturesque rows of date palms, the gold of newly-cut wheat fields, and the green of vegetable patches. Flourishing crops in desert land only seems impossible.

I am reminded of Psalm 84: 5-6 (which was written in Israel, by the way!):

5Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
6 As they pass through the Valley of Baka,
they make it a place of springs . . . 

Kathy Hamon, a vibrant speaker and founder of The Father’s Heart and Hands Ministry, has a saying that really impacted me. She refers to the inner and outer challenges in people’s lives as “opportunities disguised as impossible situations.”

Making It Personal

  • Which situations in your life are dry and barren? Annoying and unpleasant? Do you know you—with God’s love and grace—can make  it a “place of springs”?
  • Is your inner life a shambles?  God heals the broken hearted and helps them “restore the places long devastated.”

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