Posted by: New in Every Way | July 6, 2012

Still Fresh and New

For how long does a prized possession stay new? It depends . . . right?

Several months ago I ordered a high-speed blender to make smoothies. It was so shiny and new that I hated the thought of letting water spots collect on it. After using it, I immediately cleaned it, per instructions, and toweled it completely dry—even pushing the towel through the hollow handle to catch the drops there. All this, before drinking my smoothie.

I wondered how long I would keep doing this. . . Well, it’s been three months now and my blender—which sits in plain view on my kitchen counter—still looks brand new. I’m beginning to believe that it will continue to shine for years to come.

It reminds me of a statement about Christian living that I’ve heard all my life: “You can’t expect to live on the mountaintop.” I take exception to that. Even as a child I noticed Christians whose peace, love, and joy seemed fresh all the time. They lived in the valley of real life like the rest of us, but they carried a mountaintop on the inside.

In Revelation 3:14-20, Jesus let the church of Laodicea know they were lukewarm—and he didn’t like it. How many of us have become lukewarm followers of Christ? . . . You mean, that’s not normal? You mean, that’s not to be expected?

Apparently not. Evidentally, it is possible to stay fresh and new in our relationship with the Lord. Do you like the sound of that? I do!

So what’s the key? Well, a big one is in verse 20 of Jesus’ message to the Laodiceans:

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Wow! He’s not banging the door down to come in and read us the riot act. He’s knocking in hopes we’ll let him in . . . so he can share a meal with us . . . get re-acquainted . . . show us that he misses us.

Making It Personal

  • If your relationship with God is pretty dull, what will make it shine again? Languishing in a prison of guilt? Or letting him help you back on course?
  • Are you real and honest with God? Without that, your heart will not really belong to him.
  • Are you living from a glad heart that wants to please God and knows he rooting for you? Or is your heart crushed by the rocks of fear-that-God-is-upset-with-me and anxious-striving-to-do-what-is-right? Or the rock of what’s-the-use-anyway–it-just-doesn’t-work-for-me?

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