Posted by: New in Every Way | August 3, 2012

Who Am I? Middle Eastern Farm Boy Makes Good

I am a Middle Eastern farm boy. I live in what you would call 1000 B.C. I have seven older brothers. Three of them joined the army, leaving me at home to tend the livestock and run errands for my father.

Eventually, though, I followed them into military service and became the commanding officer’s aide.

After several difficult years in obscurity, I was suddenly thrust onto the public stage—this time in a political role.

My life has been full of challenges, but I have been so aware of God’s purpose and power in it all. I feel privileged to serve him.

Who am I?

Check in on Monday to confirm your guess! 

Making It Personal

  • Is it necessarily easy to follow God’s purpose for your life?
  • What made it possible for our farm-boy-who-made-good? What will make it possible for you?
  • What will keep you in God’s will during hard times—asking yourself, “Is this making me happy?” or saying to yourself, “Wow, what a privilege to do this for God”?


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  1. God only created us for one purpose in life: to worship him and him alone.

  2. That is absolutely true. I would go one step farther: our purpose on earth is to know, love, and worship God – and to make him known to others so they can know, love, and worship him. God has given each of us a unique way to help others know him. For example, he told Jeremiah, “Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5). God also told Saul of Tarsus to preach about him to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15-16).

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