Posted by: New in Every Way | September 28, 2012

WHO AM I? Losers Who Became Winners

* *   RaNdoM StuFF   **

How many of the following bible characters can you identify? Some of you won’t need any clues, but I’m giving some anyway. I’m actually giving each person’s name right after their life-story-in-a-nutshell, but . . . the letters are scrambled.

The first time I accompanied Paul on a mission trip, I couldn’t handle it and headed back home. For a long time, he didn’t trust me, but later I became one of his trusted assistants. I also wrote one of the accounts of Jesus’ life that appears in the Bible. (RAMK)

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan into Canaan, I protected two of their spies and made a deal with them. Even though I was a prostitute, Israel’s soldiers spared me and my family during the conquest of our city. Because I was awed by their God, I chose to join the Israelites. I married one of their leaders and became an ancestress of King David and Jesus Christ. (HAARB)

When Jesus was arrested by the religious leaders who opposed him, I let him down. I couldn’t believe it! I had promised to defend him to the death. But after Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit to his followers. I and many others became fearless in spreading the good news of salvation and restoration available from Christ. (TEERP)

To avoid a famine in Canaan, I took my family to Egypt. While there, I talked my wife into telling people she was my sister. I was afraid that a man would desire her for her beauty and eliminate me. In spite of this incident, God appeared to me several times and chose me to be the father of a new nation of people. He knew I would teach my family to respect him and live according to his ways. In fact, I became known as “the friend of God.” (MARBAHA)

Several days after Jesus was crucified, all of my fellow disciples claimed Jesus had appeared to them while I was somewhere else! I said I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw him myself and felt the nail holes in his hands. Well, it happened. I saw him too. It was an awesome experience, but he was disappointed in my unbelief. I didn’t doubt him any longer. In fact, within a few years, I traveled to India to invite people of that nation to be his disciples. (SMOATH)

Well, did you know all these people? Did you learn something new about any of them?

On the other hand, do you need help identifying some of these? If so . . . check in on Monday for the answers.


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