ABOUT New in Every Way

Welcome to New in Every Way. It is hosted by Celia Willard Milslagle, a teacher, writer, missionaries’ kid, bible school student, grandma—and blogger.

This blog was inspired by a world-changer and life-saver. Because of him, an impulsive fisherman became a strong leader, a crooked businessman began sharing his wealth, a condemned adultress got a second chance at life.

This life-saver, Jesus Christ, transforms people. He gives them a new self, a new purpose, and a new family. He give them a life that is new in every way.

Unfortunately, many of his followers do not understand the radical possibilities of this new life and continue living pretty much the same as before.

  • They believe God has forgiven them, but they still feel bad about themselves.
  • They want to be the kind of person they read about in the Bible, but—after a few failures—conclude they’re not cut out for it.
  • They know God has made them his son or daughter, but they don’t feel all that close to him.

These roadblocks to a full life in Christ are so unnecessary! They can be removed.

So, the purpose of this blog is:

  • to help Christ-followers remove roadblocks to the new life they’ve already received.
  • to inform those who do not yet know Jesus personally about the incredible life he wants to give them.


Celia with younger siblings - Dominican Repubic

Celia with younger siblings – Dominican Republic

As a daughter of missionaries, Celia grew up in the Dominican Republic then on the Mexican border. After her college years in Los Angeles and Greenville, Illinois, she taught for 31 years in Illinois public schools. Her awesome son and daughter-in-law and two amazing teenage grandchildren live in Kentucky.

A teacher at heart, Celia enjoys learning about and teaching a wide range of subjects. Her greatest joy is sharing with others insights and skills that improve the quality of their lives. As a public school teacher, that included making math less mysterious and instilling wisdom in young people through health and life skills classes. She is particularly passionate about sharing the good news that Christ can bring a painful, disappointing life—such as she experienced after the loss of her mother at age four—to a happy new beginning.

Celia with father at a book signing

Several years ago, she enrolled in Midwest Bible School in Lincoln, Illinois, and discovered that she loved journaling about God and his Word. She jumped into writing by co-authoring a devotional book, Streams of Living Water with her father; serving as business manager for his next four books; writing a curriculum for her church’s nursery; creating articles, stories, and book outlines as part of a two-year course with Christian Writers Guild; contributing a devotional (“Faith … in What?”) to cbn.com; and serving as first president of Word Weavers Lincoln—a chapter of an international Christian writers critique group.

Since moving to Kentucky, she has completed another Christian Writers Guild course and begun to work in earnest on a two-novel series, The Call and The Kingdom. She is expanding her blogging with the plan of eventually adapting many of these posts to be included in articles and books. In addition, she has helped to found another writers critique group—Word Weavers Lexington.

Celia is excited about the chance to grow together with you through this blog.



  1. Happy Birthday Week, Celia!
    Hope it’s a great one!

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