Eagle Story

If only he had been scratching for insects and pecking at seeds like the other chicks instead of looking around. Looking up. He would still be content to be a prairie chicken.

“What is that?” he had asked the older chickens, as the graceful speck dipped and soared below the clouds.

“Oh, that’s an eagle, the chief of the birds. . . . But, come on . . .  forget him! You’re a prairie chicken. You can’t fly like that—especially with those long, heavy wings of yours.”

Reluctantly, he had gone back to foraging for enough seeds to fill his always-empty stomach. He did not know he had hatched from an eagle egg placed in a prairie chicken’s nest.

THIS STORY was included in the first post on this blog-site, because it represents  one of the big ideas of this blog. Because of its great symbolism, I will refer to this story–or eagles in general–from time to time on this site.

What’s the big idea this story illustrates? You can find it in “Born for the Sky.”


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